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About us 

Experience Nature’s Goodness

Brand Story
Dorsata Honey was born to love Malaysia, her land and her people. Produced by wild bees (Apis Dorsata) in the pristine environment of our enchanting rainforest (the 4th oldest rainforest in the world), it encapsulates all the goodness of the amazing biodiversity, transferring the life and vibrancy of the great wild to the healing of our body. Packed with phytonutrients, every drop of Dorsata Honey is potent nourishment not only for the tired, sick and weary but for the young, active and busy. Dorsata Honey is carefully and sustainably harvested to protect the bee colony and to preserve the forest for the wild bees. Ultimately, we are preserving Malaysia’s beloved heritage for the future generations to come. This is why, we love the land and the people living in it. Dorsata Honey epitomes the unity of mankind and the environment in perfect harmony.

Our Mission
To educate people and the future generation about the potential of pure, raw, wild and mature honey for our body. Encourage people to nourish the way nature has intended it to be.

To equip and realize one’s fullest potential by laying a strong foundation in optimal health through building green immunity via rainforest honey.

The Team
Family and friends have played a united, vital role in contributing their time and talents to this prized business. The relentless effort and hours that invested has elevated Dorsata Honey to greater heights, to what it is today. A , a brand that is sought after and trusted by many. Indeed, a superior team effort from Harvesters to Lab Scientists, Researchers, Educators, Marketeers and Consumers.

Founder's Story
In 2014 during one of the bleakest political situations in Malaysia, the desire to love Malaysia rang loud and clear. A group of us, born and bred in Malaysia rallied together to advocate love for Malaysia, the land and the people by helping Malaysia to thrive again. Together with my family and friends, we arose to counter the negatives with love and appreciation of what we already have. We discovered that Malaysia is endowed with one of the oldest rainforests containing one of its most prized produce-the medicinal rainforest honey -used throughout centuries for healing various ailments. This drove us to uphold the legacy in educating the public by empowering them with the knowledge and the wonders of what honey can do for them. We studied, researched and experimented on our local honey. When my youngest son's face was burnt with burning hot oil we saw the potent healing power of honey when his face was healed without any scar in the span of seven days. Thus, Dorsata Honey was birthed. By promoting and endorsing our rainforest honey, we are declaring our deep pride and gratitude in how our land has abundantly provided for us. We embarked on educating the young and old on building green immunology via forest honey. We aspire to encourage all generations to return to wholesome nutrition as nature intended it to be. In doing so, we are thus loving the people of Malaysia, cultivating the correct nourishment lifestyle, and discovering the importance of honey.

Dorsata Honey, a perfect gift from loving parents to the young and from children to their elderly parents, siblings and friends. Dorsata Honey, a gift of nature from God to the families of Malaysia and of the world!


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