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Pure Turmeric Powder 50g
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Pure Turmeric Powder 50g

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Weight: 100 grams
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Brand: Dorsata
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Turmeric— they contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds called curcuminoid, are
great for the skin, good for our digestive systems, rich in antioxidants, able to heal
wounds & burns, boost our immunity, help with allergies and more.
When mixed with honey, turmeric becomes an invaluable natural remedy for a myriad of
ailments and diseases including:
- Indigestion
- Cold
- Flu
- Asthma
- Hypertension
- High blood pressure
- High blood sugar
- Arthritis
- Diabetes
- Heart diseases
- High cholesterol
- Depression and anxiety
- Inflammation of wounds and burns
- Eczema, psoriasis and acne
- Aging (protects the liver and kidney)